August 2, 2017 @ 2:55 PM


I’m coming out of the closet … as a crazy cat lady! Most people who know me probably won’t be surprised. Maybe I’m the only one who is surprised. Believe me, it wasn’t part of my master plan.

As a writer, I have been writing about my cats for years. The strays, the fosters and the foster failures. I didn’t fail as a foster parent because I fell in love—I watched countless cats that I loved leave for new homes. The ones who stayed with me were the shy kitties who didn’t present well in a cage at adoption events. The curmudgeons.

Recently, I put my stories together into a book, You Might be a Crazy Cat Lady if … . It’s my attempt at taking the stigma out of caring about cats. We’re not crazy. We’re compassionate. 

When I did a book signing at a Lansing store several fellow cat lovers came and we had a cat-errific time. The experience sparked an idea––to do fundraisers for cat rescue groups--crazy cat lady parties. 

Dog lovers have dog walks. Cats don’t care for such social frivolity. They’d rather nap at home and have their staff—yes, we’re not owners, we’re staff—bring them toys and treats. 

So come to crazy cat lady party! We have two planned. One August 10 to benefit BestPals Animal Rescue. The second one on Sept. 21 to benefit A Feral Haven.

Cats need our help. There are still too many being euthanized, too many being abandoned when their owners move, too many strays having kittens.

Come to a party and support the rescues that are helping cats in your community. Contact me at for more information.