More Than a Number
Dog 281
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The mission of Cats and Dogs, a Magazine Devoted to Companion Animals is to celebrate the human-animal relationship through entertaining and educational articles. 

One of the goals of Cats and Dogs is to bring awareness to local animal rescue organizations and the hard-working volunteers who dedicate countless hours and resources to helping homeless animals. Another goal is to bring awareness to pet overpopulation and encourage people to spay and neuter their cats and dogs.



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More Than a Number

Released April 2015


When Sheriff VanBergen threatens Alison Cavera as she questions why he doesn’t do more to investigate dog fighting, she ignores him. Her independence, stubbornness and courage lead her into the cold-blooded world of dog fighting.

In the second book of the Save Five series, Alison takes a job at the county animal shelter. Her goal is to help the homeless cats and dogs. The variety of work surprises Alison, but she really didn’t expect the job to take her to the backwoods of the Manistee National Forest where secrets are buried in the two-track isolation.

While the work consumes her time, Alison does her best to maintain a long-distance relationship with Cooper. But is her best good enough?


   Dog 281 

           Published March 2012            
Do you know what a Class B animal dealer is? Alison Cavera didn't. That is until her dogs were stolen. In the first book of the Save Five series, Alison is thrown into the unscrupulous world of dog theft and animal research. Her determination to rescue Blue and Cody surprised everyone including herself. Alison didn’t know she was capable of doing the things she was forced to do to save her late son's beagle.
Along the way, Alison meets Cooper Malecki, a vegan and animal advocate and finds herself opening her heart.