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The Save Five Series
You Might be a Crazy Cat Lady if...
Janet Vormittag --- Books for people who care about animals.

You Might be a Crazy Cat Lady if ...


Everybody knows one–––a woman who has an affinity for cats. She feeds the local ferals, takes in the friendly strays and is the go-to person when you have a cat question. She's your neighbor, your sister, your aunt, your co-worker, your daughter. Does the phrase 'crazy cat lady' come to mind when you think of her? If so, you'll enjoy reading this book.

In this collection of cat stories, janet Vormittag gives us an intimate peek into the mindset of a woman with too many four-legged furry friends. You'll meet more than twenty cats including Lucy, a partially paralyzed kitty who loves hunting mice; Buddy, the basketball cat, who who has a slight eating disorder; Frosty Flake, the foster who never left; Wild Cat, who took more than a year to domesticate; and semi-feral littermates Pumpkin and Pearl.

This book will give you a better undertanding of why and how somone ends up with a house full of cats. You might even be convinced to replace the word crazy with compassinate.

Dog 281

The first book in the Save Five Series

When her dogs are stolen, Alison Cavera will stop at nothing to find her beloved Cody and Blue. After breaking into Kappie’s Kennel, Alison is relieved and nauseated by what she finds and is compelled to continue following the clues. To her horror, she discovers the unscrupulous world of dog theft and animal brokers.

This powerful novel reveals the practice of USDA Class B animal dealers selling pets to laboratories and universities for research. Set in Michigan, Dog 281 is the first book in the Save Five Series, which features Alison Cavera as she embraces a way of life that respects animals.

More Than a Number

The second book in the Save Five Series

Buried among the majestic maples, oaks and pines of the Manistee National Forest are secrets Alison Cavera needs to uncover. In the second book of the Save Five Series, Alison has a new job at the county animal shelter. Helping homeless pets warms her heart, but the work isn’t always as expected. Alison hadn’t anticipated chasing a defiant dairy cow, being enamored with a farm sanctuary, discovering dozens of cats in a dead man’s home or stumbling upon a barn with a blood-stained dog fighting ring. When the county sheriff refuses to investigate, Alison doesn’t hesitate to follow the clues deep into the shadowy world of the illicit sport.

The Save Five Club
The third book in the Save Five Series (Release date: March 12, 2020)

When Alison Cavera’s moral compass doesn’t align with the law, she dons a disguise and does what she believes is right. By light of the moon, this spunky animal activist cuts fences to free whitetail deer from captive hunting preserves. During one of her escapades, a camera silently records her illegal activity.

By day, Alison works at the county animal shelter. When she confiscates a beagle, the dog’s owner is furious. It’s a decision she soon regrets. 

Alison struggles with what society finds acceptable and regrets she can’t be the law-abiding woman her family and friends think she should be. Her inner battles take her down a dangerous path, one that could lead to prison or even death. Can Alison bridle her compassion before her life unravels?

The Save Five Club is the third novel in the Save Five Series, a collection of fictional books that explore some of today’s relevant animal issues such as factory farming, medical and cosmetic research, dog fighting, animal hoarding, and captive hunting preserves. 

If you have compassion for animals and love to read, you’ll appreciate Janet Vormittag’s heroic tales of Alison Cavera as she fights for animals who share this planet with us. 


You Might Be A Crazy Cat Lady If... (volume 2)

I promise I won’t bring any more cats into the house. I promise. 

That was the vow I made to myself when I realized I had too many furry four-legged friends. I won’t reveal the exact number of freeloaders in my care, but I will admit I’m lousy at keeping commitments to myself. 

I don’t follow my own advice either. I’m good at telling other people what to do if a stray cat shows up on their doorstep: if you can’t find its owner at least get it fixed. TNR, Trap-Neuter-Return. But when a stray showed up on my porch, what did I do? I popped open a can of Friskies and named the visitor Fred. What do I have now? Kittens. Not sweet, adorable little fluffballs. Wild, mischievous hellions. 

Not only do I have unadoptable orphans, I have The Geriatric Club, soon to be The Assisted Living Club. After my divorce, when I found myself queen of my own home with no hubby limiting my cat intake, I went on an adoption spree. Those cuties are now senior citizens who require medications, demand canned cat food eight times a day and occasionally forget how to use a litter box.

The inn is full.

The budget is bankrupt.

Maybe now I’ll listen to myself.

You Might be a Crazy Cat Lady If … (Volume 2) is a collection of humorous and heartwarming short stories about the stray, foster and resident cats who share the author’s home.